Novum Capital partners with select businesses to facilitate their growth by providing our principal investing and advisory services to them. We seek to foster growth through the predominant, but not exclusive, aspects of finance and strategy. We offer highly sophisticated corporate advisory, financial intermediary and capital raising services to publicly-traded as well as private enterprises. Our background is in investment banking, institutional investment management, corporate finance advisory and strategy management. We are resolutely independent and fervently entrepreneurial, yet are guided by a deep moral compass that permeates all our dealings.



Novum Capital’s philosophy is to add value at every level to all of our stakeholders; the country and communities within which we operate, our clients, our suppliers, our investee companies, our investors, our employees as well as our shareholders and founding members.

We participate in and create value-based, meaningful entities through advising and introducing growth capital, as well as proprietary capital to partners. We share a vision and value system with these partners that is based on deep trust, honesty and integrity.

The founders of Novum Capital are seasoned and experienced investment professionals, having worked across several industries and across multiple geographies.

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